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Richard Fontana

Richard Fontana
Counsel, Red Hat, Inc.

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Richard Fontana is a lawyer at Red Hat, with particular responsibility
for legal issues arising out of the software development process.
Richard specializes in copyright, trademark and patent issues,
technology transactions, free software/open source issues, computing
technology standards, data privacy and protection, information
security, and legal matters relating to cloud computing. Richard is the
sole open source legal specialist at Red Hat, which is the world’s
largest provider of open source-based enterprise software and cloud
solutions, and he has been an active and influential public speaker on
matters at the intersection of open source, law and policy. In
addition, Richard is an Individual Member-elected Board Director
of the Open Source Initiative.


Moderated by:
Danese Cooper (PayPal)
Brian Behlendorf (Mithril Capital Management LLC), Richard Fontana (Red Hat, Inc.), Bradley Kuhn (Software Freedom Conservancy)
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Open Source licenses are mostly grounded in US Copyright Law, which requires 51% representation to claim standing in any copyright-related action (including defense against infringement claims as well as re-licensing). Yet, they are also a barrier to participation, since you often must have one in place before you make a substantial (or in some cases any) contribution. Read more.