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Richard Fontana

Richard Fontana
Counsel, Red Hat


Richard Fontana is open source counsel at Red Hat, the world’s largest provider of open source-based enterprise software solutions. He focuses particularly on legal issues arising out of the software development process. Richard is also a board director of the Open Source Initiative (OSI). He has been an active and influential public speaker on matters at the intersection of open source, law and policy.


Moderated by:
Danese Cooper (PayPal)
Brian Behlendorf (Mithril Capital Management LLC), Richard Fontana (Red Hat), Bradley Kuhn (Software Freedom Conservancy)
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Open Source licenses are mostly grounded in US Copyright Law, which requires 51% representation to claim standing in any copyright-related action (including defense against infringement claims as well as re-licensing). Yet, they are also a barrier to participation, since you often must have one in place before you make a substantial (or in some cases any) contribution. Read more.