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Jono Bacon

Jono Bacon
Senior Director of Community, XPRIZE Foundation

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Jono Bacon is a leading community manager, speaker, author, consultant, and engineering manager. Currently he works at the XPRIZE Foundation as Senior Director of Community and was formally the Ubuntu Community Manager at Canonical.

Bacon is a prominent author and speaker on community management and best practice, and wrote the best-selling The Art of Community (O’Reilly) and Dealing With Disrespect books, is the founder of the primary annual conference for community managers and leaders, the Community Leadership Summit, and is a regular keynote speaker at events about community management, leadership, and best practice.

Bacon has provided community management consultancy for both internal and external communities for a range of organizations. This includes Deutsche Bank, Intel, SAP, Sony Mobile, Open Compute Project, OpenNetworking, IBM, Dyson, Mozilla, National Finishing Contractors Association, AlienVault, and others.

In addition to The Art of Community, Bacon authored Linux Desktop Hacks (O’Reilly), Official Ubuntu Book (Prentice Hall), and Practical PHP and MySQL (Prentice Hall), and has written over 500 articles across 12 different publications. He writes regularly for a range of magazines.

Bacon is the co-founder of the Bad Voltage and LugRadio podcasts, with the latter running for four years with 2million+ downloads and 15,000 listeners, as well as spawning five live events in both the UK and the USA. Bacon is also the founder of the Ubuntu Accomplishments, Jokosher, Acire, Python Snippets, and Lernid software projects.

He lives in the San Francisco Bay Area in California with his wife, Erica, and their son, Jack.


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Jono Bacon (XPRIZE Foundation)
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(4.60, 5 ratings)
This full day of community management training is delivered by Jono Bacon, author of The Art of Community, and covers a wide range of topics for community managers and leaders to build fun, productive, and rewarding communities. Read more.
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Jono Bacon (XPRIZE Foundation)
If you have questions about community management and leadership, hiring community managers, or managing community relationships, come by and talk to Jono. He’ll discuss building collaborative workflow and tooling, conflict resolution and managing complex personalities, and building buzz and excitement around your community. Read more.
Jono Bacon (XPRIZE Foundation)
Average rating: *****
(5.00, 4 ratings)
In this new presentation from Jono Bacon, author of The Art of Community, founder of the Community Leadership Summit, and Ubuntu Community Manager, he discusses how to process, interpret, and manage rude, disrespectful, and non-constructive feedback in communities so the constructive criticism gets through but the hate doesn't. Read more.