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Racing Change: Accelerating Innovation Through Radical Transparency

Moderated by:
Sarah Novotny (NGINX)
Edwin Aoki (PayPal), Danese Cooper (PayPal), Josh Bleecher Snyder (PayPal)

Portland Ballroom
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In February of this year, PayPal announced it had hired Danese Cooper as their first Head of Open Source. PayPal? And Open Source? In fact, Open Source is playing a key role in reinventing PayPal engineering as a place where innovation at scale is easy and fun – especially if you like to work in Open Source. From involvement with Open Stack, Hadoop and Kafka to work in Python, Scala, Go! & Node to radical internal transformation using Agile and InnerSource, PayPal is racing Change.

This keynote is sponsored by PayPal

Photo of Sarah Novotny

Sarah Novotny


Sarah Novotny is a technical evangelist and community manager for NGINX. Novotny has run large scale technology infrastructures as a Systems Engineer and a Database administrator for and the ill fated In 2001, she founded Blue Gecko, a remote database administration company with two peers from Amazon. Blue Gecko, was sold to DatAvail in 2012. She’s also curated teams and been a leader in customer communities focused on high availability web application and platform delivery for Meteor Entertainment and Chef.

Novotny regularly talks about technology infrastructure and geek lifestyle. She is additionally a program chair for O’Reilly Media’s OSCON. Her technology writing and adventures as well as her more esoteric musings are found at

Photo of Edwin Aoki

Edwin Aoki


Photo of Danese Cooper

Danese Cooper


Danese Cooper has an 22-year history in the software industry and has long been an advocate for transparent development methodologies. Ms. Cooper joined PayPal in February 2014, and has held many leadership roles within the computer science sector. She has managed teams at Symantec and Apple Inc. and for six years served as Chief Open Source Evangelist for Sun Microsystems before leaving to serve as Senior Director for Open Source Strategies at Intel. She advised on open source policy to the R community while at REvolution Computing (now Revolution Analytics), and she served from February 2010 to July 2011 as Chief Technical Officer for the Wikimedia Foundation. She currently runs a successful consultancy to companies wishing to pursue open source strategies, which has served the SETI Foundation, Harris Corporation and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation among other clients. She is a director on the boards of the Drupal Association, and the Open Source Hardware Association, a board advisor for Mozilla and Ushahidi, and has served since 2005 as a Member of the Apache Software Foundation. She was a board member for 10 years at Open Source Initiative.

Photo of Josh Bleecher Snyder

Josh Bleecher Snyder


Josh Bleecher Snyder is the Director Of Software Engineering at PayPal. He was a co-founder / CTO of, which was acquired by PayPal in 2012. Josh was leading’s technology development. Before, Josh founded Treeline Labs, an iOS software development company, and was a Senior Software Engineer at AdMob where he was the first iOS engineer. Josh dropped out of the Philosophy Ph.D. program at Stanford University (ABD).

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07/24/2014 9:26pm PDT

see also: Stop PayPal Holds on Twitter

07/23/2014 4:57pm PDT

see also:

07/23/2014 11:14am PDT

Okay Phil…pretty random foreshadowing of evil intent you’ve tossed around in your comment. Would you care to elaborate? From where I’m sitting this sounds like random trolling to me…say more please?

07/23/2014 10:23am PDT

If OSCON attendees were more aware of PayPal’s disdain for radical transparency and for activism, these people likely would have been booed off of the stage. #PayPal14