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Office Hour with Paco Nathan (Liber 118)

Paco Nathan (Databricks)
Office Hours
Expo Hall (Table B)

If you have questions about machine learning, math, and the shift from chasing algorithms to building data workflows, then Paco is the man to talk to. Bring him your questions on:

  • Just Enough Math (advanced math for business people for leveraging Big Data)
  • Data workflows and abstraction layers (Cascading, Apache Spark, etc.)
  • PMML use cases
Photo of Paco Nathan

Paco Nathan


O’Reilly author (Just Enough Math Intro to Apache Spark and Enterprise Data Workflows with Cascading)
Expertise in machine learning, cluster computing, cloud, functional programming. Interests in Spark, Mesos, streaming analytics, Ag+Data, Open Data, Scala, Python, Clojure, NLP.