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Open Source in Enterprise Software

Sanjay Patil (SAP)

Over the years, SAP has not only adopted Open Source as a key component of its product strategy, but has also contributed valuable intellectual property and led important Open Source projects. Along the way, SAP has developed policies, processes, and best practices for effective handling of Open Source projects, balancing the risks with the rewards of Open Source, driving organic growth of Open Source projects, and ensuring sustained development of Open Source communities.

This session will provide attendees a high level understanding of:

  • Strategic relevance of Open Source to SAP and its ecosystem
  • Open Source policies, processes, and best practices at SAP in areas such as code scanning, licensing, community engagement, managing projects at GitHub, and other Open Source foundations
  • Key technological areas of focus for SAP’s Open Source engagements along with brief overview of select projects such Apache Olingo and OpenUI5
  • SAP’s outlook for major Open Source projects such as OpenStack and CloudFoundry

This session is sponsored by SAP

Sanjay Patil


Sanjay Patil is a member of the Industry Standards & Open Source team at SAP Labs – Palo Alto, and is responsible for driving strategic Open Source programs as well as governance of SAP’s outbound Open Source projects. He has over 14 years of experience with Industry Standards and Open Source projects. He has led critical industry-wide standardization initiatives such as OASIS Web Services Reliable Messaging. He currently serves as a Director on the Board of OASIS, a standards development organization, and represents SAP on Open Source foundations such as CloudFoundry. His areas of interest include application platform technologies, Big Data and Cloud.

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