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Money Machines

Boyd Stephens (Netelysis)
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Discussion will revolve around the beauty and freedom of managing and sustaining a small-scale technology/craft based business enterprise while wrestling against the urges to pursue traditionally defined concepts of growth and expansion.
Some of the topics of discussion will include:

  • Freedom of living a lifestyle that is heavily into a technical or craft based business excursion.
  • Why staying in total control of your money machine/cash contraption can rival accepting venture capital & angel funding.
  • Proven techniques for alleviating a number of the painful transitional steps that are traditionally experienced as one migrates from an employee to a Money Machine creator/manager.
  • How derivatives of the Lean Business Model development open up unique opportunities for Money Machines.
  • Much, much more…
Photo of Boyd Stephens

Boyd Stephens


Boyd Stephens – the founder of Netelysis, LLC and is currently employed within the network engineering division of the firm. Having entered his 17th year as an entrepreneur, Boyd is now a member of Netelysis’ networking services development team where his primary focus is upon the research and design of internetworking systems and network management services.