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HTML5 JavaScript Storage for Structured Data

Andy Gup (Esri)
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At some point every developer needs to store data in the browser that’s more complex than a simple string-based cookie or they hit the 5MB limit imposed in many browsers by localStorage and sessionStorage. The great news is that HTML5 brings with it the IndexedDB API for storing data up to 50MBs and potentially beyond in a variety of data types including blobs, Arrays and Objects. We’ll look at real world examples for writing and reading everything from simple string data to binary data sets. The techniques shown in this session will work well for both online, offline and hybrid web applications.

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Andy Gup


Andy Gup is a Tech Lead at Esri where he focuses on web and mobile geo-spatial APIs. He is an active contributor to a number of open source projects in the geo community.

His background includes working with a wide variety of cutting edge technologies from small websites and mobile apps to high-performance Fortune 500 enterprise systems.

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