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Money for Nothing and Your Downloads for Free

Simon Phipps (Wipro), Roberto Galoppini (Slashdotmedia), Adam Benayoun (Binpress)

Not all projects benefit from a deep-pocketed corporate sponsor to fund their community activities. While open source projects aren’t places to make money (that’s what their participants do elsewhere), there are still bills that need paying for server hosting, download bandwidth and the like, and maybe for trademark registration and other legal costs for larger projects. What’s the best way to fund your project? Three speakers with differing experiences of funding an open source project will explain their approach and then take questions from the audience.

  • Simon Phipps will cover the value of the principle of equality (which asserts all community members must have equal freedoms in an open source project) as a guide to evaluating open source monetization approaches.
  • Adam Benayoun will describe how Binpress can help a project fund additional features and generate support business for its contributors.
  • Roberto Galoppini will explain how Sourceforge can now help fund your project through your downloads.
Photo of Simon Phipps

Simon Phipps


Simon Phipps has engaged at a strategic level in the world’s leading technology companies, starting in roles such as field engineer, programmer, systems analyst and more recently taking executive leadership roles around open source. He worked with OSI standards in the 80s, on collaborative conferencing software in the 90s, helped introduce both Java and XML at IBM and was instrumental in open sourcing the whole software portfolio at Sun Microsystems.

As President of the Open Source Initiative and a director of the UK’s Open Rights Group, he takes an active interest in digital rights issues and is a widely read commentator at InfoWorld, Computerworld and his own Webmink blog.

He holds a BSc in electronic engineering and is a Fellow of the British Computer Society and of the Open Forum Academy.

Photo of Roberto Galoppini

Roberto Galoppini


Roberto is a computer industry insider of 15+ years standing. Up until 1994 Roberto had never heard of Linux, until he chanced to lead a group of geeks in starting up a mobile ISP with just a bunch of old PCs. Since then Roberto has worked in such hands-on roles as programmer and systems analyst, eventually founding an open source firm open source firm in 2001, and an open source consortium in 2004.

Roberto has taken an active interest in several free/open source software organizations. He currently serves on the Advisory Board of the SourceForge Marketplace and acts as the Institutional Relationship Manager for the Italian Association. Since 2003 Roberto has researched the economics of OSS, collaborating with universities and EC funded research projects. Roberto is a technical writer for IT and computer-related magazines, he regularly keeps a blog on Commercial Open Source at

Photo of Adam Benayoun

Adam Benayoun


Adam is the co-founder and CEO of Binpress, a marketplace for commercial open source – providing a platform for building a profitable business from creating and working on open source projects.

Adam has launched over 15 web ventures for the past 10 years and utilized numerous open source projects in the process of building his products.

He studied Animation at the Minshar School of Arts and is an alumni of the 500startups accelerator in Mountain View.