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How We Went Remote

VM Brasseur (shoeless consulting)
Main Stage
Portland Ballroom
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A lot of engineering teams are considering going remote now. And why not? There are excellent people everywhere. Why limit yourself only to those who can come into the office?

Because you may not be able to support those remote workers, that’s why.

There’s a lot more to having a remote team than just hiring someone then flying him/her in to visit the mother ship a couple times a year. Without the correct infrastructure and processes in place, remote hiring will turn into an exercise in frustration for you (at the home office) and set the remote worker up for failure.

During this session we’ll discuss some of the preparations you should make before bringing remote staff on board. This will include:

  • Communication channels
  • Development methodologies and processes
  • Documentation
  • But…what about culture?
Photo of VM Brasseur

VM Brasseur

shoeless consulting

VM is a manager of technical people, projects, processes, products and p^Hbusinesses. In her over 15 years in the tech industry she has been an analyst, programmer, product manager, software engineering manager and director of software engineering. Currently she is splitting her time between shoeless consulting, a tech recruiting and management consulting firm, and writing a book translating business concepts into geek speak.

VM blogs at “{a=>h}”: and tweets at @vmbrasseur.

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Picture of VM Brasseur
07/30/2014 9:50am PDT

Hello, Mike! Apologies for the delay. The slides AND my own (crappy webcam) video of the session are now available on Internet Archive:

07/23/2014 9:20am PDT

Hi, can you post your slide deck someplace? Thanks!