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Zero to Cloud with @NetflixOSS

Justin Ryan (Netflix)
Cloud | Operations & System Administration
Portland 251
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This tutorial provides a detailed hands-on experience to bring up the necessary components to run the @NetflixOSS stack. This includes priming your Amazon account (IAM Profiles, Security Groups, etc) and setting up Asgard and Aminator. Together they can be used, time permitting, to launch many more @NetflixOSS services, like Edda, Eureka and Ice.


* To make best use of the time, attendees should bring a laptop, installed with JDK 7, an SSH client, Git, and Python (2.6 or higher with pip). Alternatively you can use a VirtualBox image that will be provided as the event gets closer.

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Justin Ryan


Justin Ryan is a Senior Software Engineer in the Engineering Tools team at Netflix, where he applies his years of experience as a developer to the problems of build automation and dependency management. He’s consistently raising the bar for the quality of build tools and build analysis. He is tasked with finding patterns and best practices between builds and applying them back to the hundreds of projects at Netflix. Justin has worked on Web UIs to Server development to Embedded programming.

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Picture of Justin Ryan
07/19/2014 10:17am PDT

@Matt I’ve re-tooled to tutorial to minimize the impact of any network slowness and particularities of attendees laptops. There won’t be the need for a VirtualBox image. Attendees will need a browser, ssh and scp (Provided on linux and mac, PuTTY will work fine on Windows).

07/19/2014 9:03am PDT

Is a pre-built Virtualbox image available yet?