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Functional Vaadin

Henri Muurimaa (Vaadin Ltd)
Java & JVM
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The rising trend of reactive programming style fits the event based development paradigm of Vaadin very well. This presentation explores how the functional language features of Java 8 and other JVM languages combine with Vaadin to allow you to write clearer UI code. After introducing the languages and tools we start with a short application in Java 7, and evolve it step by step using the capabilities of Java 8 and Scala to demonstrate the benefits of each. No prior knowledge of Vaadin or the subject languages is needed to follow the presentation, a basic understanding of Java and interest in the modern reactive approach are sufficient.

Henri Muurimaa

Vaadin Ltd

Henri Muurimaa, MSc. has been a professional developer and team leader since 1997. Over the years he has used many Java technologies and tools in a plethora of projects ranging from days to dozens of man-years. Lately he has been exploring building desktop-like web applications with Scala and Vaadin. He is a contributor to the Scaladin project and has been a member of the Vaadin team since 2002.

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