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Omri Gazitt
VP of Engineering, HP Helion Platform, Hewlett Packard

Omri Gazitt serves as VP of Engineering of HP’s Helion Platform team, which delivers core parts of the Helion OpenStack and Helion Development Platform products, targeted at Enterprises that want to stand up their own Cloud on-premises, or consume it as a hosted platform in HP’s Managed and Public Clouds. Omri’s team is responsible for Identity & Access, Metering, Monitoring, Management Console, Load Balancing, DNS, Database, Messaging, Application Lifecycle, Developer Experience, and User Experience, and contributes heavily into the OpenStack and Cloud Foundry open source projects.

In prior lives, Omri helped create .NET, Web Services, and Azure, as well as the Xbox and Kinect developer platforms. He lives with his wife and three daughters in Redmond, WA, and loves rainy winter days in the northwest because they mean fresh powder on the weekends.