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Erik Rose
Lexeme Juggler, Mozilla

Erik Rose leads Mozilla’s DXR project, which does regex searches and static analysis on large codebases like Firefox. He is an Elasticsearch veteran, maintaining the pyelasticsearch library, transitioning Mozilla’s support knowledgebase to ES, and building a burly cluster to do realtime fuzzy matching against the entire corpus of U.S. voters. Erik is a frequent speaker at conferences around the world, the author of “Plone 3 for Education”, and the nexus of the kind of animal magnetism that comes only from writing your own bio.

Recent comments

posted about 1 year ago:
Thanks, Josh! I still see 0.90 at, but I expect it's due to caching and will take care of itself.
posted about 1 year ago:
Not only is it okay, but version 1.2 is in fact going to be *required* (though most exercises should probably work with older versions). I asked the OSCON staff to update this page awhile ago; hope...