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Jason Swartz
Software Engineer, Netflix, Inc

Jason is a software developer in the San Francisco Bay Area, developing applications and services in Scala at Netflix, Inc. Before making the switch to functional programming he managed the developer docs and support team at eBay, wrote advertising and merchandising platforms in Java and built tools and UI prototypes at Apple.

He is a co-organizer of the SF (San Francisco) Scala meetup group, a co-organizer of the Silicon Valley Scala Symposium, and a co-organizer of the Pacific Northwest Scala Conference. His book, “Learning Scala”, will be published by O’Reilly Media in Summer 2014.

Recent comments

posted 8 months ago:
Odd, I just downloaded it in about a minute using airport wifi. It's on Amazon S3 which should be fast enough. But i'll have it on a USB drive for you tomorrow at the session.
posted 11 months ago:
Hi Rob, using Eclipse should be fine. You'll have a better time if you pre-install the Scala plugin and get it all up and working before the session.