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VM Brasseur
It's Complicated, @vmbrasseur

VM (aka Vicky) is a manager of technical people, projects, processes, products and p^Hbusinesses. In her nearly 20 years in the tech industry she has been an analyst, programmer, product manager, software engineering manager, technical business consultant, and director of software engineering.

Vicky occasionally blogs and frequently tweets.

Recent comments

posted 11 months ago:
Hello, Mike! Apologies for the delay. The slides AND my own (crappy webcam) video of the session are now available on Internet Archive:
posted 11 months ago:
Nota Bene: That is NOT a high quality video (or even more than barely passable). I encourage you to seek out the O'Reilly video once it becomes available.
posted 11 months ago:
I filmed my session. That video AND the slides (including all speaker's notes) are now available on Internet Archive: