Real-time: HTML5 and Node.js

Kyle Simpson (Getify Solutions)
JavaScript & HTML5
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Waiting hundreds of milliseconds for an Ajax request from the browser to server and back… that’s so 2009. Welcome the (near)real-time, peer-to-peer-capable web of 2013, where round-trips of communication can take as little as a few dozen milliseconds, nearly indistinguishable from instant, and sometimes don’t even need a server at all.

We’re going to take a look at HTML5’s main real-time capabilities: WebSockets and WebRTC. We’ll enable these with a powerful but simple node.js back-end. And together, we’ll build a multi-user, live-simultaneous-interaction app that helps sort out where these technologies will fit best into our application toolbox.


# a laptop or other suitable coding device with a suitable development environment (code editor, etc), as well as at least one modern up-to-date browser. For our purposes, that means at least the most recent Aurora (v24 as of now) release of Firefox or the most recent Canary release of Chrome (v30 as of now). Your device should also have a webcam (as our demo we’re building will use it!)
# be familiar with using the built-in developer tools in browser(s) chosen from #1.
# have a very recent install of node.js, such as v0.9.x or v0.10.×.

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Kyle Simpson

Getify Solutions

Kyle Simpson is Head of Curriculum for MakerSquare and an evangelist of the open web. He’s passionate about all things JavaScript, writes books, teaches JavaScript, speaks, and contributes to the world of OSS.


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