Augustina Ragwitz
Software Engineer, Mediamath

A Perl hacker and Linux enthusiast, Augustina has a plethora of computer industry experience in roles that include Software Engineering, Web Development, IT Support, System Administration, Release Engineering, and Technical Communications. Besides coding for food, Augustina also contributes to various CPAN modules and participates in Perl 5 core projects. Based out of NYC, Augustina is co-organizer for the New York Perl Mongers meetup (NY.PM) and enjoys both attending and speaking at Open Source conferences.

For more info on Augustina, visit her LinkedIn page:

Recent comments

posted 9 months ago:
Hi Marc! I have the pre-Presentation Aikido version of my slides which have a lot more data on them than the ones I actually used at OSCON.
posted 9 months ago:
This tutorial was very ambitious by declaring itself as a "101" session that would also cover advanced topics. I would recommend either ask that attendees already have an understanding of functiona...


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