Erik Hatcher
Senior Solutions Architect / co-founder, LucidWorks

Erik Hatcher co-authored “Lucene in Action” and “Java Development with Ant”. Erik is an active member of the Lucene community – a leading Lucene and Solr committer, member of the Lucene Project Management Committee, member of the Apache Software Foundation as well as a frequent invited speaker at various industry events.

Erik is a co-founder of LucidWorks, dedicated to Lucene/Solr support, services, and training.

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posted 9 months ago:
I uploaded my slides to the O'Reilly system, but not quite sure where they show up or are available to you all. I've put them on my Google Drive and shared it at this link too:
posted 9 months ago:
Looks like the comment system ate the URL I posted. As Solr 4.4 is migrating to the mirrors, here's one that has it:
posted 9 months ago:
Solr 4.4 has been released, as of this morning. That's what I'll be using for the tutorial tomorrow.
posted 9 months ago:
I have been told there are 100+ registered for this tutorial. Wow! Thank you for the interest. With that in mind, I'm going to adjust the delivery style to be more lecture, but with me running ...
posted 9 months ago:
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