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Terry Bates
Systems Administrator, @terryjbates

Involved in performing Unix-based system administration, web operations, hardware to virtual machine migrations, troubleshooting and all kinds random/useful scripting in university environments for fun and profit for 15 years.

Here at OSCON to learn more about automation, search, cloud-based tech, NoSQL databases, architecture, software development techniques. So, yeah, basically, interested in everything I can get my hands on that may be relevant to the “operational” environment that occupies my workday. I am severely PUMPED at the opportunity to sharpen the saw again.

Looking forward to networking with folks doing meaningful and engaging things in the Open Source community. I want to meet people who want to change the world.

Recent comments

posted 9 months ago:
Good to hear! I think I was channelling "How do I get this in my luggage" fear. Looking forward to this.
posted 9 months ago:
Ummm...will we be needing mats and the like? "Props" usually = blocks/bolsters/straps for me. Let us know!


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