Picture of Marc Towersap

Marc Towersap
Consultant, ReleaseTEAM Inc.

love learning new things and solving problems! know windows and *nix, perl, python, building software in c/c++/.net/java, written many perl scripts and modules, and love automating stuff!

Recent comments

posted 9 months ago:
Is there a slidedeck I can look at to learn from? thx!
posted 9 months ago:
do you have the slidedeck we can reference and use if we want to contribute to perl?
posted 9 months ago:
is there a slide deck I can reference, like a pdf, powerpoint, etc?
posted 9 months ago:
Ah, just generated my own SHA1 on the ovf, popped it in the .mf file, and it worked...
posted 9 months ago:
My SHA1 (from the .mf file) is SHA1(centos-6.4-puppet-oscon-vbox.ovf)= e3f0ba6916c240974a20931573d2d580b9b88a52


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