John Mark Walker
Director of Communities, Gluster

Website | @johnmark

John Mark Walker has been a Free Software agitator and contributor for over a decade. At VA Linux Systems, he survived an IPO and learned the ins and outs of Open Source politics. He then went on to stints at IDG World Expo (as LinuxWorld conference director), Hyperic and now Gluster.

John Mark views the opening of software technologies as an inevitable expression of long-term economic trends driving down the price of commodity software and all commoditized knowledge, for that matter. You can find his musings on Open Standards, Open Clouds and Open Technology at his blog, “There is no Open Source Community”:


Event, Sponsored Tutorials
Location: E148
Anand Babu (Gluster), John Mark Walker (Gluster)
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GlusterFS is a community produced, open source, distributed file system capable of scaling to several petabytes(actually, 72 brontobytes!) and handling thousands of clients. The morning tutorial will provide attendees with a broad and deep overview of GlusterFS, from history and roadmap to the latest release, v 3.3. Read more.


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