Shevek .

Shevek .
Head of Inadvisably Applied Magic, Nebula


Shevek is an expert programmer with a strong interest in parallel and distributed systems. He has worked on cutting edge research in compilers and language design, algorithmic optimization, systems and security. He is capable of maintaining a very straight face under questioning on topics including “Why is our printer playing ‘happy birthday’?” or “What is that message doing on the side of that building?” He received a Doctorate in Computing on the Formalization of Protection Systems from the University of Bath, England. He also holds a Masters in Pure Mathematics and an epee.


Sponsored Sessions
Location: E143
Shevek . (Nebula)
Average rating: ****.
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Compilers don't just turn C into binary, they transform data, and the optimizer is a critical decision-maker in the process. If we understand both, we can often solve tedious data transformation, scheduling or logic problems with very little effort. This presentation will teach you the magic, and convey a wealth of experience. Attendees have been known to subsequently write compilers. Read more.
Office Hours
Location: Expo Hall (Table D)
Shevek . (Nebula)
Come chat with Shevek about all things Nebula. Read more.


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