Business Leadership Day

Kevin Shockey (Mis Tribus)
Business Leadership Day
Location: F151

So, you want to run a business; or, maybe you want to turn your Open Source project hobby into a day job. What ever the reason you’re reading the Business Leadership Day description, this 1 day track has the basics to help bootstrap your business skills.

Highlight topics include:

  • Business models for Open source companies
  • Hiring howtos
  • Differentiating community from customers
  • Lessons learned
  • IP (intellectual property that is) and legal considerations
  • and even the not so evil side of marketing

Business Leadership Day is moderated by Kevin Shockey.

Photo of Kevin Shockey

Kevin Shockey

Mis Tribus

Kevin is freelance artist, author, project manager, publisher, sculptor, and speaker. He’s currently launching a transmedia producer community Mis Tribus. Previously he founded Dó, was editor in chief of TUX magazine, & speaker and blogger for the O’Reilly Network. When he’s not drawing or writing he enjoys spending time with his family.


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