The Art of Social Media Analysis with Twitter & Python

Krishna Sankar (Tata America International)
Location: E145-146
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We will explore properties of networks that are relevant to Social Network Analysis using the Tweeter APIs. The tutorial will first introduce the Twitter API starting with the objects and then the API calls, focusing on SNA primitives. We will then dive into applying Social Network Analysis mechanisms like Cliques over the Twitter API primitives like friends, followers & trends. Python & MongoDB will be used during our programming work. For working through the hands-on sessions, install Python 2.7, requests library for python, MongoDB & pymongo.


  • Networks, Twitter and Analytics – The Basics
  • Mechanics : Twitter Objects, API & Python
  • SNA Mechanisms & Twitter Primitives
  • Conclusion & Future Work
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Krishna Sankar

Tata America International

Krishna Sankar is a Principal Architect/Data Scientist, with Tata Consultancy Services Digital Enterprise group. His focus includes Big Data, Analytics & AI. Earlier stints include Director of Engg & Data Science at a Bioinformatics startup, at Egnyte Inc as a Lead Architect for storage cloud and as a Distinguished Engineer at Cisco. Recently he was member of Industry Program Committee & Paper reviewer for KDD2013 & KDD2014. Krishna’s speaking engagements include pydata 2013 – Bayesian Machine Learning, OSCON – Social Media Analysis with Twitter (2012), Hitchhiker’s Guide to Kaggle (2011) & NOSQL (2010) and guest lecturing at the Naval Postgraduate School. His other passion is Lego Robotics – as Technical Judge in FLL world competitions.

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Krishna Sankar
07/15/2012 1:32pm PDT

Final slides slideshare Programs github

See you all tomorrow. Cheers
Picture of Krishna Sankar
Krishna Sankar
07/12/2012 10:49pm PDT

To do the exercises during the tutorial, the requests python library is needed.

Wim de Koning
07/12/2012 12:47am PDT

Any pre-requisites (python libraries) we need to install prior to the tutorial?

Picture of Krishna Sankar
Krishna Sankar
07/08/2012 12:06am PDT

Preliminary Slides Would appreciate feedback as I finalize the tutorial


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