OSCON News and Coverage

Sarah Novotny joins OSCON for 2011

[O'Reilly Radar]
by Edd Dumbill  Sep. 28, 2010
The O'Reilly Open Source Convention will be returning to Portland, Oregon, July 25-29 2011, with program chairs Edd Dumbill and Sarah Novotny... read more

Is The "Open Source Bubble" Over?

by Simon Phipps  Aug. 02, 2010
I was pleased to be able to attend this year's OSCON, O'Reilly Media's open source convention held once again in Portland, Oregon in mid-July. There have been numerous reports about it, not least from the New York Times, but one that caught my eye was the meta-analysis from analyst Stephen… read more

Parsing signals from the Emerging Languages Camp

[O'Reilly Radar]
by John Labovitz  Aug. 02, 2010
Map/reduce, concurrency and communications were among key concepts that consistently popped up during OSCON's Emerging Languages Camp. In this post, John Labovitz digs into these concepts and he considers the unique legacy of languages: influence, not application, is often the footprint... read more

Sorta Live: OSCON 2010 report

by rick  Aug. 02, 2010
There were several overall themes to the sessions I attended at OSCON this year, summarized below. The conference had a good feel to it, although I found myself routinely conflicted over which session to attend (and didn't always make ... read more

OSCON and CLS 2010 highlights

by quaid  Jul. 31, 2010
Friday I'm up early again, having a morning adventure walk and finishing updating my slides (source and all OSCON materials) for my talk today, “Being a Catalyst in Communities: The Science Behind the Open Source Way“... read more

OSCON 2010 - From Portland to You

by FireHost Evangelist   Jul. 30, 2010
We encountered very cool technology and some impressive talent from around the world. We're glad to have participated at the Silver Sponsor level because it gave us a chance to interact with most all of the attendees and participants on some level. Here are the highlights from the show... read more

Augmented reality as etiquette coach

[O'Reilly Radar]
by Mac Slocum  Jul. 30, 2010
Identifying local landmarks and uncovering hidden coupons are fun augmented reality applications, but "Programming iPhone Sensors" author Alasdair Allan has a loftier AR goal... read more

OSCON 2010 Interview: Allison Randal, OSCON Chair

[Linux Pro Magazine]
by Amber Graner  Jul. 28, 2010
In our final report from OSCON 2010, Amber Graner talks to one of the key organizers... read more


by Kian Gould  Jul. 29, 2010
Last week the TYPO3 community of Portland and San Francisco organized to attend OSCON, the world's leading Open Source convention in Portland, Oregon with their own TYPO3 booth... read more

The Key To An Open Source Social Network Is Still People

by Sam Dean  Jul. 29, 2010
At last week's OSCON conference, the big topic on the minds of open sourcers was whether or not an open source social networking offering can break down the walled gardens of popular services such as Facebook, and win... read more

OSCON 2010 Report

[NyTimes Blog]
by By Ben Gerst  Jul. 29, 2010
Highlights from this year's O'Reilly Open Source Convention in Portland... read more

MeeGo at OSCON Wrap-Up

by MeeGo Blog  Jul. 26, 2010
OSCON wrapped up last week here in Portland, so I wanted to take a few minutes to summarize a few of the many MeeGo activities at the conference. I already highlighted several of the key sessions... read more

Another reason to build apps in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript: Testing - What's new in O'Reilly Answers: iPhone apps, ebooks on the iPad, CSS and JavaScript, Objective-C, SharePoint, and much more.

[O'Reilly News]
by O'Reilly Media  Jul. 29, 2010
In a past interview with Jonathan Stark, author of Building iPhone Apps with HTML, CSS and JavaScript, he noted that cross-platform availability and broad distribution are two reasons why HTML/CSS/JavaScript development is worth pursuing. During a recent interview at OSCON, Stark touched on a number of points from why developers… read more

OSCON 2010 at Ted Leung on the Air

by Ted Leung  Jul. 28, 2010
Open Source, Modern Programming Languages, OS X, Photography, and … read more

OSCON 2010

[phpBB Blog]
by SyntaxError90  Jul. 28, 2010
Some very popular open source projects were present at OSCON, and a number of them approached us about presenting at their upcoming events. We are, of course, very excited about these plans and will keep you updated on our upcoming ... read more

After OsCon 2010

[Invisible Blocks]
by Dan Bernier  Jul. 28, 2010
OsCon 2010 is done, and I'm pooped. I met some great people, the talks were good, and I saw some promising ideas and technologies. Portland is a great city, with free public transportation, good beer, veggie-friendly restaurants, and Mt. Hood close by. What more could you want?... read more

Capturing health data in everyday life

[O'Reilly Radar]
by Brian Ahier  Jul. 28, 2010
Last week I was privileged to speak with Paul Tarini, team director of the Pioneer Portfolio at the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation... read more

membase at OSCON 2010

by Matt Ingenthron   Jul. 27, 2010
Last week was very busy. We at NorthScale had the release of beta 2 of membase followed by membase's presence at a second conference. Though we'd already launched the project, OSCON was a great platform to get into further detail about membase itself, the project behind it, what's in the… read more

Update from OSCON: The Open Source Movement Tackles Health Care

by Audrey Watters  Jul. 27, 2010
The O'Reilly Open Source Conference (OSCON) was held this past week in Portland, Oregon. The annual conference is an opportunity to share ideas, skills, and best practices in the development and implementation of open source technology... read more

Could Facebook Be the Next AOL?

[PC World]
by Joab Jackson  Jul. 28, 2010
Last week, Facebook announced that it had amassed 500 million users, a formable portion of the global Internet audience. But even as Mark Zuckerberg and company celebrates, others are busy trying to uproot Facebook's popularity by establishing a set of open standards to share Facebook-like features across the Internet... read more

OSCON 2010 & Women in Tech

[Linux Magazine Online]
by Rikki Kite  Jul. 28, 2010
This year's Community Leadership Summit seemed to have a lower turn-out and energy level, but that doesn't mean it wasn't a great event.... read more

OSCON 2010 Interview: John Pugh, Canonical

[ Linux Magazine Online]
by Amber Graner  Jul. 27, 2010
Ubuntu-User.com's Amber Graner talks to Canonical's Software Partner Manager about Ubuntu, the cloud, and what's in the future. (Hint: It's enterprise.)... read more

The State of Open Source: Startup, Growth, Maturity or Decline?

by sogrady  Jul. 27, 2010
The occasion of OSCON is, in many respects, an entirely arbitrary endpoint for a check on the health of the phenomenon it is ostensibly organized around. At the same time, as Tim puts it, OSCON is a relatively unique gathering of the tribes, which perhaps makes such a system-wide evaluation… read more

Microsoft Talks Open Data, Open Cloud

[CMS Wire]
by Barb Mosher  Jul. 27, 2010
Microsoft was at O'Reilly's OSCON conference last week speaking about the need for interoperability with cloud platforms. Here is their take on Open data, Open Cloud... read more

OSCON Wrap-up: Leaving a legacy

[O'Reilly News]
by Kevin Shockey  Jul. 26, 2010
...open source community asking itself, "how can we fix x (any of the world's challenges) with open source?"... read more

Federated Is the Future for Open Source

[The Human Enterprise]
by John Laudun  Jul. 26, 2010
In his remarks to this year's OSCON, Tim O"Reilly makes the interesting assertion that "federated is the future for open source". His assertion comes out of his interest in the internet as the next operating system. His example makes the point very clearly... read more

OSCON 2010 Interview: OpenStack

[Linux Magazine Online]
by Joe Casad  Jul. 26, 2010
Linux Pro's editor-in-chief Joe Casad talked to Rick Clark and Paul Voccio about the recently announced OpenStack cloud platform, NASA, and how one will help the other... read more

OSCON 2010 Interview: Felix Schupp, BlackRay

[Linux Magazine Online]
by Trevan McGee  Jul. 26, 2010
Trevan McGee talks to BlackRay's Felix Schupp about the origin and future of BlackRay data engine... read more

OSCON 2010: Marvell

[Linux Magazine Online]
by Trevan McGee  Jul. 26, 2010
Trevan McGee stops by the Marvell booth and gets a demonstration in plug computing... read more

The Competition: MeeGo

by Robert Werlinger  Jul. 26, 2010
Development of MeeGo, the operating system that's the result of the marriage of Intel's Moblin and Nokia's Maemo platforms, is pushing ahead full steam. Being that its a Linux based open source project, I've been able to catch a few presentations and even handle some preproduction hardware and software here… read more

The most popular Web server Linux is...

[ComputerWorld ]
by Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols  Jul. 26, 2010
As the CTO of a major West coast Web site told me at OSCon, "We have a large commercial Web site serving tens of millions of page views a month with lots of advertising revenue... read more

XML pioneer pitches functional programming for concurrency

[Network World]
by Paul Krill  Jul. 26, 2010
Programming for multicore chips requires that developers deal with concurrency, which brings its own issues, Bray said in a presentation at the O'Reilly Open Source Convention (OSCON 2010) conference in Portland, Ore... read more

Why fragmentation is a good sign for Android

[ O'Reilly Radar]
by Mac Slocum  Jul. 26, 2010
Like every popular open source project, Android is dogged by the fragmentation threat. It's the nature of openness: the lack of a formal hierarchy means many different flavors of an operating system or package could appear on many different devices... read more

OSCON Wrapup

[The Software Life]
by Andrew McKinlay  Jul. 25, 2010
The last two days of OSCON were good. I got to hear Rob Pike talk about the Go language. Rob is a legend in software and Go is a cool language. In some ways Go is more like C or C++ in that it's compiled to machine code with no… read more

Big Data in the Deep Freeze: John Jacobsen of IceCube

by Michael Calore  Jul. 23, 2010
John Jacobsen works for the IceCube telescope project, the world's largest neutrino detector, located at the South Pole. The project's mission is to search for the radioactive sub-atomic particles that have been generated by violent astrophysical events... read more

Five Pictures of OSCON

by Tim Bray  Jul. 25, 2010
What is OSCON For? I think the question is important; the conference isn't as big as it once was and I'd hate for it to start sliding downhill. Maybe it needs more focus on what it's about. I don't really think it's about Open Source ... read more

OSCON 2010 Report

by Sean Crowley  Jul. 25, 2010
Years ago, Postgres visibility at OSCON was minimal, but now Postgres is a major player at the conference. For example, our booth this year was no longer in the open source section (A.K.A. the open source ghetto), but in the section ... read more

Women at OSCON: Did You Notice?

by Audrey Watters  Jul. 26, 2010
I spent much of the week at OSCON, which served in part as a very visual reminder for something that is always on the back of my mind: ... read more

GPLv3 now dominates at Google Code #oscon

[ InternetNews]
by Sean Michael Kerner  Jul. 23, 2010
From the 'Open Source Licensing" files: Google's open source programs manager Chris DiBona (pic left) took the stage at OSCON today and he had some interesting things to say, about licensing. I've heard DiBona speak on open source ... read more

NHIN and others at OSCON

by Fred Trotter  Jul. 26, 2010
I am just home from the first ever amazing health IT track at OSCON. The quality of the content is simply amazing, and soon, you will be able to see the many talks available (thanks to Robert Wood Johnson for paying for the videos) ... read more

My OSCON talks are online

by dagolden  Jul. 26, 2010
I've posted my OSCON talks (one regular talk and one lightning talk) in my Talks page. But for those wanting direct links, here they are... read more

OSCON: The epilogue

[Larry the Free Software Guy]
by Larry  Jul. 25, 2010
At first glance, OSCON was a huge success on several levels. First, it appears that as much as I'd prefer to have the event in San Jose for my own personal and selfish reasons, OSCON is at home in Portland. It's a tough concession for ... read more

Adventures in Open Source

by tarus  Jul. 25, 2010
While we are sitting there, Amber Graner shows up (it was like a little OSCON). She was on her way to DFW and then Charlotte, but then had to stay one more night in a hotel since her husband's flight from Europe was delayed until Sunday ... read more

OSCON 2010

by djberg96  Jul. 24, 2010
OSCON 2010 has come and gone. Overall it was a good week. I attended a mix of Google App Engine, Rails, Javascript, and Open Source in Government types of talks. I learned a few things I can take back and use immediately, ... read more

OSCON Interview

[ Envy Labs]
by Gregg Pollack  Jul. 23, 2010
This week Nate, Jacob, Thomas and I are at OSCON where we taught our Rails 3 tutorial on Tuesday. Yesterday at the conference I was interviewed in the OSCON booth, the results of which you can see below: ... read more

Why open source doesn't always mean open on smartphones

by Robert Werlinger  Jul. 23, 2010
I caught an excellent presentation by Aaron Williamson from the Software Freedom Law center here at OSCON yesterday examining why smartphones built on open source software aren't as open as they possibly could be... read more

The Wizard of OSCON - Day 2

[Larry the Free Software Guy]
by Larry Cafiero  Jul. 23, 2010
First things first: There is a Wizard of OSCON. I'll reveal that person's identity - without having to go behind the curtain - at the end of the blog (and no fair going straight to the bottom)... read more

Tim O'Reilly Says You Should Give Up Some Privacy to Help Save the World

by Marshall Kirkpatrick  Jul. 22, 2010
I got to sit down with O'Reilly earlier this week, just before the start of his big open source conference OSCON. We talked about a number of things, but it was the discussion of digital privacy that stood out the most. O'Reilly's may be the most intelligent argument in favor… read more

OSCON Summarized: Community, Cash, and Clouds

by Joe 'Zonker' Brockmeier  Jul. 22, 2010
OSCON is worth attending, or at least watching from a distance, if for no other reason than it gives a pretty clear picture of what the developer community and industry around open source is thinking about. To sum up OSCON 2010 in three words, it's community, cash, and clouds... read more

Why Does FOSS Development Lag the Innovation Curve?

by Sam Dean  Jul. 23, 2010
Are open source developers on the ball about delivering alternatives to cutting-edge proprietary products and services, or do they lag the proprietary innovators?... read more

Facebook, Open Source and LAMP

by Sean Michael Kerner  Jul. 23, 2010
During a keynote session at the OSCON open source conference, David Recordon, the senior open programs manager at Facebook, detailed the infrastructure in use today at Facebook... read more

Cloud Computing: Marten Mickos of Eucalyptus Systems (Keynote speaker of Day 3-OSCON)

[Portland Girls in Tech]
by Ivo Lukas  Jul. 23, 2010
I've had the chance to chat with Marten Mickos, CEO of Eucalyptus systems about open source, cloud computing, and leadership... read more

How I Stay Productive at Conferences

by Dawn Foster  Jul. 23, 2010
I am writing this post during OSCON, one of the big open-source conferences, which is always a very busy week for me. It is fascinating to watch how people behave during conferences in ways that either help or hinder their productivity... read more

Mirah brings Ruby niceties to Java

by Paul Krill  Jul. 23, 2010
A key Java platform developer is moving forward with an experimental programming language dubbed Mirah, which attempts to meld the niceties of Ruby with the heavy-duty performance of Java... read more

Rackspace, Google, Facebook and Microsoft battle for spotlight at Open Source Convention

by Paula Rooney  Jul. 22, 2010
Proprietary brand names Google, Facebook, Microsoft and Rackspace battled for dominance at OSCON 2010 this week... read more

OSCON 2010 Wrap Up

[cat slave diary]
by vanderaj  Jul. 23, 2010
Well, OSCON is over for another year. It's been a great conference. Shame there were essentially no security talks (1/216 talks is not good enough). I will have to talk to them next year about including a Security track or let OWASP ... read more

Mayor Adams pitches technology, beer at OSCON | OregonLive.com

[The Oregonian]
by Mike Rogoway  Jul. 23, 2010
SILICON FOREST BLOG: "I welcome you all to move your businesses to Portland," the mayor declared. "I"ll buy you a beer." read more

Symbian and Nitobi Team to Ease Cross-Platform Mobile App Development

[eWeek.com News]
by Darryl K. Taft  Jul. 23, 2010
In a move to help make it easier for mobile application developers to create mobile apps for any device, the Symbian Foundation and Nitobi have joined forces. The companies announced their partnership at the OReilly Open Source Convention (OSCON)... read more

Jonathan Stark on developing apps in HTML, CSS and JavaScript - Featured Video from OSCON 2010

[O'Reilly News]
by O'Reilly Media  Jul. 23, 2010
... read more

Your Work in Open Source, 3 years of Incremental Change (OSCON Keynote: Day 5)

[Portland Girls in Tech]
by Ivo Lukas  Jul. 22, 2010
Chris DiBona is the open source and public sector programs manager at Mountain View, Ca. based Google. His team oversees license compliance and supports the open source... read more

Ivo Lukas interviewed at OSCON 2010

by Mac Slocum  Jul. 23, 2010
... read more

Perl Creator Hints at Imminent Perl 6 Release

by Joab Jackson  Jul. 23, 2010
In his annual "State of the Onion" speech at the O'Reilly Open Source Conference (OSCON), Perl creator Larry Wall hinted that the long-awaited version 6 of the Perl programming language might finally be released soon. He also ruminated about the effect that Perl 6 would have, once it is released... read more

Drupal and the enterprise

by Dana Blankenhorn  Jul. 23, 2010
Dries Buytaert wants his Drupal Community Management Service (CMS) to become mass market enterprise software.... read more

O'Reilly Open Source Awards announced

Jul. 22, 2010
At the OSCON 2010 open source convention taking place in Portland, Oregon, O'Reilly Media's Edd Dumbill has announced the winners of this years O'Reilly Open Source Awards... read more

We're Going Live Today from OSCON - Come Watch the Stream

by Alex Williams  Jul. 22, 2010
The first interviews today are with folks from Mashery, Twillio and Mindtouch. Stop by if you'd like to talk or do an interview. If you are here at OSCON, we are at the small tables by Starbucks, facing the entrance to the Oregon Convention Center... read more

Face detection is possible in webOS

by Robert Werlinger  Jul. 22, 2010
Theoretically, anyway. I just caught a great session covering facial recognition on the iPhone here at OSCON by Alasdair Allen (the author of several O'Reilly titles) that delved into technology such as OpenCV and the in-depth coding methodology behind getting the camera in the iPhone to recognize and distinguish human… read more

Melanie Swan on personal genomics, big data, and managing your health - Featured Video from OSCON 2010

[O'Reilly News]
by O'Reilly Media  Jul. 22, 2010
Marko Gargenta on Android's riseAlex Payne discusses Scala and emerging languagesBryan Sivak on why local governments need to stop reinventing the tech wheel... read more

Google cracks open Android's closed development

[The Register]
by Gavin Clarke  Jul. 22, 2010
Google will crack open more of Android's development process but keep new versions of its mobile OS closed for competitive reasons. The giant will change Android's Native code Development Kit (NDK) so that contributed code joins the publicly available Android source tree rather than going into Google's private tree... read more

Open Source users need to 'pick up the poop' #oscon

by Sean Michael Kerner   Jul. 22, 2010
Stormy Peters (pic left) is the Executive Director of the GNOME Foundation and she's got a message for open source devs and users : Pick Up the Poop... read more

OSCON 2010 Interview: Michael "Monty" Widenius of MariaDB

[Linux Pro Magazine]
by Trevan McGee  Jul. 22, 2010
Linux Pro's editor-in-chief Joe Casad speaks with Monty about the future of MariaDB... read more

OSCON 2010 Interview: David Elfi

[Linux Pro Magazine]
by Trevan McGee  Jul. 22, 2010
Linux Pro's Trevan McGee talks to Intel's David Elfi about MeeGo and the recently announced AppUp marketplace... read more

Update from OSCON 2010

[Linux Pro Magazine]
by Trevan McGee  Jul. 21, 2010
After the tutorial sessions that ran through Monday and Tuesday and the Ignite talks and O'Reilly awards kicked things off last night, we've settled in nicely to our booth on the show floor and have been making the rounds, enjoying the talks and meeting the other expo attendees... read more

Open Source Tool Chains for Cloud Computing

by Mark Hinkle  Jul. 21, 2010
Here are my slides from today's talk at today's OSCON, Open Source Tool Chains for Cloud Computing presented with John Willis (VP of Services at Opscode) and Alex Honor (Founder of DTO Solutions and Leader of the Control Tier Project)... read more

OSCON Week: Cloud Summit

[Cloud Ave]
by Krishnan Subramanian  Jul. 21, 2010
The highlight of this year's OSCON is a stronger focus on issues related to cloud computing. This was evident from a full day event in the form of Cloud Summit on this topic... read more

How to make money in open source #oscon

by Sean Michael Kerner  Jul. 22, 2010
Marten Mickos (pic left) is perhaps best known as the former CEO of open source database vendor MySQL. Mickos is currently the CEO of open source cloud vendor Eucalyptus and he's trying to mimic the success that MySQL had with his new company.... read more

OSCON: Zenoss Brings Open Source to Cisco's UCS Party

[Silicon Angle]
by Nate D'Amico  Jul. 21, 2010
All the great commercial open source companies are in attendance here in Portland. I had the chance to catch up with Mark Hinkle from Zenoss to hear about their latest 3.0 release which was just announced before this weeks event, and how they are bringing their open source monitoring solution… read more

OSCON highlights rising expectations

by Dana Blankenhorn  Jul. 22, 2010
OSCON in Portland marks the 12th birthday of open source as a movement, distinct from FOSS, and it's a good summit from which to see who won the day.... read more

OSCON returns to Portland, seeks civic contributions from developers

[The Oregonian]
by Mike Rogoway, The Oregonian  Jul. 22, 2010
This week, Portland is once again at the center of open source technology. ... read more

How open source can improve health care - Three perspectives on the links between health care, government and open source.

[O'Reilly News]
by Brian Ahier  Jul. 22, 2010
As the health IT industry ramps up to meet the meaningful use rules, the opportunities for open source to provide solutions are increasing. At OSCON, Radar blogger Brian Ahier spoke with three men with unique perspectives on health care and open source: David Riley, head of the CONNECT initiative, Brian… read more

Interview With Tim O'Reilly on Privacy & Global Crises

by Marshall Kirkpatrick   Jul. 21, 2010
This Spring, Tim O'Reilly was surprised to find himself defending Facebook's changes to its privacy policy. "There's enormous advantage for users in giving up some privacy online and [so] we need to be exploring the boundary conditions," the founder of O'Reilly Media and international technology thought leader wrote... read more

Connecting the Dots Between the Cloud and Enterprise 2.0

by Dion Hinchcliffe  Jul. 21, 2010
Yesterday in Portland at OSCON's Cloud Summit I spoke about major emerging trends in business, IT, and the Web. Specifically, I explored how Enterprise 2.0, Cloud Computing, and something known as Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) have converged on top of the same "problem space" to become the essential fabric for how… read more

Open Source Gains Respect From Mainstream Vendors

[Channel Insider]
by Chris Talbot  Jul. 21, 2010
Several major IT vendors, including Dell, HP, Citrix and Rackspace Hosting gathered at OSCON this week to deliver a host of open source-related announcements to the ever growing open-source market.... read more

Weekly Poll: What is the Buzz at OSCON and Online About the Open Cloud?

by Alex Williams  Jul. 21, 2010
The open cloud is dominating discussions that we are having with people at OSCON. And over the past week, the conversation online has accelerated as the conference approached.... read more

OSCON: Open Source Lazy About Social Web Services

by Joab Jackson  Jul. 21, 2010
While open-source coders have done a remarkable job of providing a complete open-source software stack, they haven't kept up with the emergence of Web services, charges an executive from a prominent open-source foundation.... read more

Featured Video: George Reese on open clouds and lock-in - Interview at OSCON 2010

[O'Reilly News]
by O'Reilly Media  Jul. 21, 2010
... read more

OSCON 2010 – Day 2

[ cat slave diary]
by vanderaj  Jul. 21, 2010
This is the primary reason I plumped for OSCON 2010. There are a few talks over the next few days, but we use RT … badly … within our organization, and that needs fixing. I learnt nearly everything I needed to use it properly, ... read more

Adventures in Open Source - Day One

by tarus  Jul. 20, 2010
My trip to OSCON was pretty uneventful, with the exception of getting hassled at airport security. Well, hassled is too strong a word – the TSA folks were friendly and professional – but I did hit a snag with my new contact lens ... read more

Building Native Mobile Apps Using Open Source

[Portland Girls in Tech]
by Ivo Lukas  Jul. 20, 2010
Kevin Whinnery is an engineer and platform evangelist for Appcelerator. In addition to his contributions to open source and Appcelerator projects, Kevin is also the developer and maintainer of a Ruby on Rails student information system in use by several elementary schools... read more

Ubuntu Linux brings IBM DB2 to the cloud

by Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols  Jul. 21, 2010
Portland, OR- Canonical., the company behind Ubuntu, has always had many user and developer fans. Enterprise business fans though? Not so much. Canonical hopes to change that with today's, July 21st, launch of a virtual appliance of IBM's DB2 Express-C software running on the Ubuntu cloud computing platform in private… read more

Cross-Platform Mobile App Development Simplified by Symbian and Nitobi

by Calvin Azuri  Jul. 21, 2010
Symbian (News - Alert) Foundation, the non-profit organization which is responsible for the world's largest open source Smartphone platform, and Nitobi the creators of the ground-breaking PhoneGap mobile application development framework, have signed an open source collaboration which has been specially designed for simplifying mobile application development. With the integration… read more

Symbian, Nitobi join on mobile phone app dev

by Paul Krill  Jul. 19, 2010
Smartphone platform provider Symbian Foundation is joining forces with mobile framework builder Nitobi on Monday in an effort to simplify application development for Symbian devices.... read more

OSCON Week: Openstack.org, A Game Changer? | CloudAve

[Cloud Ave]
by Krishnan Subramanian  Jul. 20, 2010
Yesterday, we saw the announcement by Rackspace that they have joined hands with NASA and 25 other companies to create.... read more

Adventures in Open Source Blog Archive 2010 OSCON Day One

[Adventures in Open Source]
by tarus  Jul. 20, 2010
My trip to OSCON was pretty uneventful, with the exception of getting hassled at airport security. Well, hassled is too strong a word – the TSA folks were friendly and professional – but I did hit a snag with my new contact lens ... read more

Symbian @ OSCON | Symbian Blog

[Symbian Blog]
by Lars Kurth  Jul. 20, 2010
On Wednesday and Thursday we'll be at the Symbian booth in the OSCON Expo Hall. If you're interested in what we're doing with the BeagleBoard, the Wild Ducks project or you just want to chat, come by the booth.... read more

OSCON: OpSource Unveils New Solutions ...

[SiliconANGLE ]
by Nate D'Amico  Jul. 20, 2010
The news continues to flow from OSCON here in Portland. After Rackspace dropped a bombshell with their OpenStack announcement Sunday night, managed services and cloud provider OpSource is taking the wraps off of their partner program ... read more

When Buzzwords Collide: Open Source Meets the Cloud

[The Atlantic]
by Alexis Madrigal  Jul. 19, 2010
Sometimes, you mix two trendy topics, and all you get is a mess. For instance, combine Mel Gibson and the Old Spice Guy, and you'd have one nasty set of viral videos. But other times, two buzzworthy themes combine perfectly, like the bacon craze and artisan ice cream. OpenStack, a… read more

Really Open Source Cloud Computing Arrives At Last

by Simon Phipps  Jul. 19, 2010
This week I'm attending the Open Source Convention in Portland, Oregon, along with the ancillary events it attracts. Today's report covers the significant news of a true, community-driven open source cloud project announced today and the impact the so-called "open core" business model had on its creation.... read more

Zenoss Showcasing Core Project at OSCON

Jul. 20, 2010
Zenoss announced that it is participating in a number of events at the Open Source Convention (OSCON) in Portland, Oregon from July 19-23. Mark Hinkle, VP of Community, will be participating in two panel sessions on Wednesday, ... read more

OSCON 2010 Mobilizes

[Tech Alps]
by Arthur  Jul. 19, 2010
O'Reilly Media's Open Source Developers Conference, taking place in Portland, Ore., this week with hundreds of speakers and lots to see and do. Here... read more

Symbian deal paves way for Web-style apps

by Stephen Shankland  Jul. 19, 2010
Symbian and Nitobi announced their partnership Monday at Oscon, the Open Source Convention. Symbian will integrate Nitobi's technology with its Web application creation tools... read more

WSO2 to Provide OSCON 2010 Attendees with Insights into Using Open ...

by admin  Jul. 19, 2010
OSCON attendees who visit the WSO2 booth can get a new guide, “Cloud Implementation Checklist: Avoiding Cloud Lock-in.” The guide looks at five common areas where lock-in occurs and provides key questions IT professionals should ask ... read more

OSCON returns to Portland and Puppet Labs lands $5m in VC ...

[The Oregonian]
by Mike Rogoway  Jul. 19, 2010
One of the nation's largest gatherings of open source technologists returns to Oregon this week, just as a Portland open source startup announces major new backing... read more

OSCON Week: Open Source and Cloud Computing

by Krishnan Subramanian  Jul. 19, 2010
OSCON 2010 , O'Reilly annual Open Source conference, starts tomorrow at Portland, OR. This is the first time... read more

The OSCON pre-game show

by John Fitzpatrick  Jul. 19, 2010
I'm in Portland, ready for OSCON 2010. OSCON is the big conference for open source and related things. I'm expecting about 3000 attendees. It's in the Portland convention center, and will probably be crowded. (The 2009 OSCON was moved ... read more

Just Another Mobile Phone Blog: Make It Happen at OSCON

[Just Another Mobile Phone Blog]
by Maximus  Jul. 18, 2010
Make It Happen at OSCON. There is big change in technology and society, and open source is making it happen. Cloud computing is transforming our toolkit, from NoSQL to systems management. Mobile services are growing exponentially, ... read more

The art of community leadership

[O'Reilly News]
by Brian Ahier  Jul. 18, 2010
I stopped by the Community Leadership Summit 2010 as I was preparing for OSCON this coming week. It is an open unconference-style event, now in its second year, that's held the weekend before OSCON. Everyone who attends is welcome to lead and contribute sessions on any topic that is relevant.… read more

What to do before OSCON

[O'Reilly News]
by Kevin Shockey  Jul. 17, 2010
Oh yeah, there's the conference too, but this is the real reason to be in Portland next week... read more

OpSource Announces Sponsorship of OSCON 2010, O'Reilly's Open Source Convention

[OpSource ]
by Eileen Conway  Jul. 16, 2010
SANTA CLARA, CA - (July 16, 2010) - OpSource, Inc., the leader in enterprise cloud and managed hosting, today announced that the company is a Silver Sponsor of OSCON 2010, O'Reilly's Open Source Convention, to be held July 19-23, 2010, in Portland, Oregon. OpSource will be offering hands-on demonstrations of… read more

CloudCamp at OSCON: 5 Topics We'd Like to Discuss

by Alex Williams  Jul. 16, 2010
We are thinking of how to get the most out of CloudCamp at OSCON on Monday night as the discussions will be exclusively about open-source and the cloud. ... read more

Microsoft at OSCON next week

by jccim  Jul. 16, 2010
OSCON Microsoft returns to the O'Reilly Open Source Convention (OSCON) in Portland, Oregon next week. For us, OSCON is a great opportunity to meet and interact with developers, programmers, systems engineers and administrators who live ... read more

SugarCRM Leaders to Present at OSCON Open Source Convention 2010 ...

by CRM Help Desk  Jul. 16, 2010
OSCON 2010 - CMO Nick Halsey to Participate in Interoperability Panel Discussion; Software Engineer John Mertic to Present on How to Develop Easily Deployable. read more

Android App for OSCON

[O'Reilly Radar]
by Edd Dumbill  Jul. 12, 2010
With thirteen tracks of content plus tutorials and keynotes, OSCON can be a little overwhelming to navigate. To help you find your way around, we're pleased to announce the OSCON Android App, which lets you carry the full schedule around in your pocket, along with a map for each session… read more

Come join us at OSCON, July 19-23

[Intel Software Network Blogs]
by Michihiro Koyama (Intel)  Jul. 15, 2010
OSCON is just days away. A team of us from Intel are preparing for the event. Intel has too much to offer in the open source space so we just have to pick and choose the most relevant topics for the anticipated audience while painfully ... read more

Palm at OSCON

[Palm Developer Center Blog]
by Josh Marinacci  Jul. 14, 2010
Palm will be at OSCON next week in Portland. Josh Marinacci will be joining the rest of the HP crew in the HP booth, demonstrating Ares and webOS. He will also be giving away T-shirts, books, super nice water bottles, and you'll even ... read more

Off to OSCON and CLS

by Jeffrey Osier-Mixon  Jul. 12, 2010
As regular readers know, I'll be speaking at OSCON on the subject of the BeagleBoard, my favorite inexpensive single-board computer based on the ARM Cortex-A8. I'll present detailed instructions on how to boot several flavors of Linux (with demos!) and I'll have a prototype of the new BeagleBoard xM that… read more

5 Ways Social Media Helps Promote Good Health

by Alexander B. Howard  Jul. 14, 2010
This March, a report on chronic disease and the Internet by the Pew Internet and American Life Project and the California HealthCare Foundation showed that people fighting such illnesses are using social media to find information and connect with others who suffer similar ailments... read more

CommonPlaces is Headed to Tim O'Reilly's OSCON

by Harry  Jul. 14, 2010
Our CEO Ben Bassi will speak on data mining and filtering at OSCON (the Open Source Convention) on Thursday, July 22. The convention is the 12th annual gathering of leaders in the open source world. This year's conference, a five-day ... read more

Impetus to showcase its Open Source ...

by madhumita_phukan  Jul. 14, 2010
OSCON is the premier gathering place for the Open Source community where the contributors come together to not only display their work in this field but also to learn from each other. Impetus' contributions in the areas of Ruby on Rails ... read more

Interview: Jacob Kaplan-Moss and Frank Wiles

[Linux Pro Magazine]
by Trevan McGee  Jul. 12, 2010
Linux Pro's Trevan McGee talks OSCON with Django's Jacob Kaplan-Moss and Frank Wiles of Revolution Systems... read more

OSCON: Will Health Care Partners Embrace Open Source?

[The VAR Guy]
by John Moore  Jul. 12, 2010
At OSCON (Open Source Convention), open source pundits will pitch IT health care solutions to attendees, customers and channel partners. Will partners listen? read more

Crowdsourcing the search for aliens

[O'Reilly Radar]
by James Turner  Jul. 12, 2010
Seti@Home brought distributed computing to the masses nearly a decade ago. Now, Jill Tarter and her SETI colleagues are upping the ante with a new telescope and a crowdsourced data-crunching project. Tarter, a speaker at the upcoming OSCON convention, discusses her work in this Q&A. read more

Open Source Hardware track at OSCON in Portland, OR

by Brian Jepson  Jul. 12, 2010
OSCON this year will be a delight for anybody interested in working with hardware. A full open source hardware track offers a range of talks to get you started with hardware hacking, and gives a great insight into the current options for prototyping... read more

Meet up with Mashery at OSCON

by mashery  Jul. 08, 2010
Come meet up with the Mashery team at OSCON 2010 in Portland, Oregon, July 19-23. Our Chief Architect, Clay Loveless, is speaking about avoiding the Whiskey Tango Foxtrot in APIs on Thursday, July 22 at 10:40am. That evening, Mashery is ... read more

OSCON 2010: Delightfully diversified

[Linux Pro Magazine]
by Rikki Kite  Jul. 09, 2010
OSCON 2010 kicks off Monday, July 19, in Portland, Oregon with two days of tutorials followed by three days of sessions and an expo. This year's schedule offers a nice mix of sessions led by women, ranging from highly technical topics to the perfectly practical... read more

Hardware hacking heaven

[O'Reilly Radar]
by Edd Dumbill  Jul. 09, 2010
OSCON this year will be a delight for anybody interested in working with hardware. A full open source hardware track offers a range of talks to get you started with hardware hacking, and gives a great insight into the current options for prototyping... read more

Rackspace Goes Big At OSCON 2010

by Angela Bartels  Jul. 09, 2010
As committed as we are to open standards, there's no better place for us to be at then O'Reilly's Open Source Convention 2010. We have an extensive schedule of speaking sessions and other events. If you're in Portland, we'd love to meet you and talk all things open source and… read more

Android Love at OSCON

by Tim Bray  Jul. 07, 2010
Android developers who aren't already going should take a moment to check out the OSCON 2010 schedule, and give serious thought to a trip to Portland in a couple of weeks. OSCON is one of the world's premiere events for those who care about Open Source, and one of my… read more

Healthcare.gov, and health care at OSCON

by Matthew Holt  Jul. 07, 2010
One place where there's room for lots more activity is in Open Source in health care. Andy has been working hard on getting healthcare into the upcoming OSCON Conference in Portland, OR July 19-23. Here's the Health Care OSCON track. And here's Andy's preview of what will be in the… read more

OSCON(part I):"Make it Happen" - An interview with Allison Randal-Program Chair of O'Reilly Media

[Portland Girls in Tech]
by Ivo Lukas  Jul. 04, 2010
Tell us more about Allison Randal. What's the most accomplished technology you've seen today? Her first geek career was as a research linguist in eastern Africa. But eventually her love of coding drew her away from natural languages to artificial ones. Allison is the architect of Parrot (a virtual machine… read more

The next wave of programming languages - Alex Payne previews the first Emerging Languages Camp.

[O'Reilly News]
by Mac Slocum  Jul. 06, 2010
The upcoming OSCON conference will showcase a host of new programming languages in the first Emerging Languages Camp. Alex Payne, BankSimple co-founder and the Camp's co-organizer, explains why new languages emerge and he reveals which languages have captured his attention. read more

The Current State of Symbian Development - New in O'Reilly Answers: Symbian, iPhone visual identity, mobile app development, Google rank, and more.

[O'Reilly News]
by O'Reilly Media  Jul. 06, 2010
The iPhone vs Android wars are in fully swing, with Blackberry and Palm and even Windows Mobile also in the mix. So why isn't anyone talking about Symbian, which practically owns the world, once you get out of North America? To answer that question, we caught up with Paul Beusterien,… read more

OSCON 2010: Puppet Tutorial Pre-work

by kartar  Jul. 01, 2010
OSCON 2010: Puppet Tutorial Pre-work. July 2nd, 2010 by kartar Leave a reply . I'm running a beginner's introduction to Puppet at OSCON 2010 and attendees need to do some basic set-up prior to the tutorial. ... read more

Open source and the VA's health transformation

[O'Reilly News]
by Andy Oram  Jun. 29, 2010
Joseph Dal Molin, co-founder of the WorldVistA project and a speaker at the upcoming OSCON convention, discusses the Department of Veterans Affairs' VistA system and its expansion as an open source effort... read more

OSCON 2010 Panel: HTML5's Multimedia Future

by Zohar Babin  Jun. 26, 2010
This year, I am thrilled to be flying to OSCON for; 1. I will be speaking on a panel along with two fascinating guys and on the hottest topic discussed today, and 2. It's my first time in Portland, Oregon the home of free speech and ... read more

ActiveState at OSCON 2010 in Portland this July

by Sheila Rebellato  Jun. 22, 2010
As a silver sponsor, we would like to join OSCON in welcoming everyone passionate about open source: from developers, designers, trainers, and programmers to sys admins, IT managers, hackers, and entrepreneurs. We hope to see you there!... read more

Android Froyo and why it matters

by Dana Blankenhorn  Jun. 24, 2010
The code is simply dropped, a blog post is written describing it. The closest thing to an event, Oscon, rolls on in Portland, not a cup of coffee spilled... read more

Giving patient data meaningful use

[O'Reilly Radar]
by Andy Oram  Jun. 21, 2010
Arien Malec is coordinator of NHIN Direct, a new open-source effort sponsored by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to improve health care through the secure exchange of patient data... read more

Come tell us about Freedom & Web Services at OSCON

[Stormy's Corner]
by stormy  Jun. 21, 2010
The Web Services lightening talks will take place on Wednesday afternoon, July 21st, at OSCON. Each talk will be 5 minutes in length. You can use slides which you will need to be sent to me ahead of time in PDF format. ... read more

Cloudera to participate at OSCON 2010

by Huw Edwards  Jun. 19, 2010
Will Cloudera be at OSCON this year? Of course, it's only the premier event for OS technologies on the market! We expect there to be big crowds and you can find us there at booth #411 which is in the center near the O'Reilly booth. ... read more

OSCON: The Tech Event With a Little Something for Everyone –

by Lisa Hoover  Jun. 01, 2010
One of the most widely talked-about tech conferences every year is the O'Reilly Open Source Convention (OSCON), and with good reason. The Portland, Oregon-based conference is slated for July 19-23, 2010, and pulls in attendees from all ... read more

Interview with Edd Dumbill – OSCON Co-Chair

[How Software Is Built]
by Scott Swigart  May. 31, 2010
Looking at OSCON now, there's stuff about Android and iPhone, and even though Android is open source, it's not really community developed. There's also a lot of material at OSCON about cloud infrastructure, and that area involves a lot ... read more

Going back to Portland

[O'Reilly News]
by Kevin Shockey  May. 19, 2010
I've just about confirmed everything, so it it looks like I'm going back to Porti, back to Porti, back to Porti. No wait a minute, that doesn't sound quite right. Although.....if you know, me, then it's actually pretty funny... read more

Medsphere's OVID Makes VistA-derived Solutions Java-ready

by 05/11/2010  May. 14, 2010
Mehling, who also directs Medsphere's Ecosystem, and Bhaskar, co-founder of WorldVistA, a non-profit organization dedicated to VistA, will discuss OVID as part of a panel discussion entitled "Introduction to Open-source VistA EHR" at OSCON 2010 (O'Reilly Open Source Conference), July 22, in Portland, Ore... read more

Nominations Open For O'Reilly Open Source Awards 2010 - Recognizing community contribution and leadership

[O'Reilly News]
by Edd Dumbill  Apr. 16, 2010
The O'Reilly Open Source Awards will be hosted this July at OSCON 2010 in Portland, OR. The awards recognize individual contributors who have demonstrated exceptional leadership, creativity, and collaboration in the development of Open Source Software. Past recipients for 2005-2009 include Brian Aker, Angela Byron, Karl Fogel, Pamela Jones, Bruce… read more

Palm Developer Day and OSCON

by Joshua Marinacci  Apr. 12, 2010
Yes, I'll be at O'Reilly's Open Source Convention again this summer. In addition to attending (a scant 2 hours from my house this time!) I'll also be speaking on Marketing your Open Source Project on a Shoestring Budget. I'll discuss different ways you can get the word out without breaking… read more

OSCON sessions to cover Android, MeeGo, SheevaPlug

by Eric Brown  Apr. 07, 2010
Sponsored by O'Reilly Publishing, OSCON offers a lively mix of desktop, enterprise, and embedded open source topics, with a heavy focus on programming and Linux. This July's conference returns to Portland, Oregon after a 2009 excursion to San Jose... read more

OSCON Makes It Happen: O'Reilly Open Source Convention Reveals Program and Opens Registration

[O'Reilly News]
by Maureen Jennings  Apr. 05, 2010
Sebastopol, CA, April 5, 2010 - Open source makes it happen in a world where technology and society change faster than ever before. OSCON, the O'Reilly Open Source Convention, returns to Portland, Oregon to explore all things open source July 19-23, 2010, at the Oregon Convention Center. Program chairs Allison… read more

From Open Source to Open Government

[ComputerWorld UK]
by Glyn Moody  Feb. 04, 2010
One idea was that companies on the "outside" might play an important role. This is similar to the concept of "government as platform" outlined by Tim O'Reilly... read more

OSCON Puts Open Source to Work: O'Reilly Open Source Convention Opens Call for Participation

[O'Reilly News]
by Maureen Jennings  Dec. 22, 2009
Sebastopol, CA, December 22, 2009 - OSCON, the O'Reilly Open Source Convention, puts the freedom of open source to work July 19-23, 2010, at the Oregon Convention Center in Portland. Program chairs Edd Dumbill and Allison Randal have opened the call for participation, requesting proposals for sessions and tutorials... OSCON… read more

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